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|empty apartment|

Title: empty apartment
Pairing: taekbeom (slight taekwoo&taekho), khunsu, chanho
Rating: PG-13 (for now)
Genre: romance, drama
Summary: when his boyfriend wooyoung refuses to have sex with him with an excuse that he’s not ready yet, ok taekyeon sleeps with one of his brothers, twins, jaebeom as a replacement using the fact that jaebeom is in love with him as an advantage. when one day he gets rejected, again, he gets very, very drunk and mistakes jaebeom’s twin junho for him and rapes the guy. realizing his mistake, taek tries to get closer to junho in order for the guy to forgive him for what he did. he begins to follow the boy around which gets the other twin jealous so that jaebeom tries to come in-between those two. taekyeon starts to like both of them but is still in a relationship with wooyoung which only makes thing harder and results with the three always hiding from him. as the lies get more intense, woo gets more suspicious about what’s going on between them. in the meantime taekyeon’s younger bro chansung fell for the twin who is madly in love with his older brother but the other sees him only as a shoulder to cry on.



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